Maska 207–208: THE POLICE

Zavod Maska, Ustanova fundacija Sonda, GT22, Moment Maribor, Festival Borštnikovo srečanje


08.06.2022, Wednesday / 19:00 / GT22
Maska 207–208: THE POLICE

A magazine presentation

Speakers Rok Bozovičar, Pia Brezavček, Andrej Mirčev and authors

In the last two years, we in Slovenia have experienced a Rancièrian reduction of politics to the police. The contributions collected in the new issue of Maska identify recurring scenes of police performance across borders and in different cultural contexts and invite reflection on the controversial relationship between performance and politics. The contributions address "the police" in many ways; militarisation, state of emergency and violence occur in various discourses and modes, and the contributions are often related to Rancière’s theory of the police and Lepecki’s choreopolice. The journal asks and answers the following questions: What heuristic tool can performativity studies offer to challenge the power of state violence against bodies, institutions, discourses and practices? How to think the relationship between police, politics and performance? What drives performative artists to oppose police and surveillance practices?

Contributers of the thematic issue THE POLICE 
Frankfurter Hauptschule, Izidor Barši, Jan Lazardzig, Andrej Mirčev, André Lepecki, Natascha Siouzouli, Igor Stokfiszewski, Katalin Krasznahorkai, Kaja Kraner, Tery Žeželj