Theatre Inclusion – Social Activation

An International Conference of the Central European Initiative


01.06.2022, Wednesday / 16:00 / Vetrinje Mansion
02.06.2022, Thursday / 11:00 / Vetrinje Mansion
03.06.2022, Friday / 11:00 / Vetrinje Mansion
Slovenska popevka <em>Photo: Nejc Saje</em>
Slovenska popevka Photo: Nejc Saje

The conference will focus on the thematisation of theatre as an effective and successful method for the social activation of vulnerable groups. It is not only about the inclusion of vulnerable groups in the creative processes but also about the effects of this inclusion in other areas in the lives of vulnerable groups (approaching the labour market, inclusion in education, etc., lifelong learning, other forms of social engagement, improving the quality of life, empowerment, etc.).

The working language of the conference is English.

1-3 June 2022 in Maribor, Slovenia

Wednesday, 1 June 2022
Vetrinje Mansion
15.30-16.00 Meeting the guests, registration
16.00-16.15 Opening address by Aleš Novak, Maribor Theatre Festival, and Jožef Kecek, CEI Co-ordinator for Slovenia
16.15-17.00 Assistant professor Alenka Vidrih (UL Faculty of Education): The Spark in the Eye of Vulnerability, plenary lecture
17.00-17.30 Jitka Vrbková, PhD. (Theatre Aldente, Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno, Theatre Faculty.): A Journey of an Actor with Down's Syndrome to Mindful Artistic Creation, lecture
17.30-18.00 Matjaž Pograjc (Slovenian Youth Theatre): I'm Not Leaving the Theatre Unless I Get Prosciutto, presentation of the inclusive production Slovenian Songs

19.00-20.00 Renae Shadler & Collaborators with Roland Walter: Skin - performance, SNT Maribor, Tribune on the Grand Stage, Performed by Roland Walter, a dancer with full-body spastic paralysis, and Renae Shadler, a non-disabled dancer and choreographer
20.00-20.30 Post-performance discussion: Renae Shadler & Roland Walter (moderated by Alja Lobnik) 
21.00-22.00 Les Visiteurs du Soir: The Little Girl in the Dark Forest - performance, Maribor Puppet Theatre
21.00-23.00 SBO, concert, Vetrinje Mansion

Thursday, 2 June 2022
Vetrinje Mansion
11.00-11.30 Renae Shadler: Worlding choreographic lecture: Entangled histories and intrinsically connected futures - a presentation of choreographic practice and the process of working with the disabled and the inclusive approach in the artistic process
11.30-12.00 Chiara Bersani/Zoom: Political Body, artistic approach, presentation of good practice, disability performance art
12.00-12.30 Snježana Abramović Milković (Zagreb Youth Theater): Inclusion of Socially Endangered Population, lecture
12.30-13.00 Tanja Završki (City of Women): New Models of Solidarity and Connections Outside the Established Structures, presentation of best practices in the process of social activation with migrants in the projects Women on Women and No Border Craft
13.30-14.00 Nika Škof (Maribor Theatre Festival): The Stories We Tell Ourselves: Changing the Self-Narrative of Long-Term Unemployed Participants in Borštnik's Programme of Social Activation (BPSA), project presentation
14.00-15.15 Compania Pippo del Bono: QUESTO BUIO FEROCE (This Ferocious Darkness), film screening

16.45-18.00 Rajzefiber: Maribor - A Metropolis, a cultural walk around Maribor
18.00-18.30 Old Vine House
19.00-20.00 Simon Šerbinek: Fragility - performance, Judgment Tower
20.00-20.30 Post-performance discussion (moderated by Alja Lobnik, in English)
21.00-22.20 Emanat: Image Snatchers - performance, Narodni dom Maribor

Friday, 3 June 2022
Vetrinje Mansion
11.00-13.00 Theatre Inclusion - Social Activation, a round table/public debate with the CEI international conference participants and with guests, interested public and media, moderated by Tjaša Pureber
13.00-14.00 Conference closing remarks

16.30-17.00 Lina Akif: A Slovenian Passion Play - An intermedia spatial documentation of the performance, Water Tower
18.00-19.10 Ivor Martinić, Navid Fadaee Nazer, Mojca Marič: Celebration - performance, Small Stage, SNT Maribor
20.00-21.30 Akram Khan Company (GB): Outwitting the Devil - opening performance of the festival, Grand Hall, SNT Maribor
22.00-23.00 Smaal Tokk, concert, Vetrinje Mansion