Walk with Rajzefiber

Maribor - Metropola


02.06.2022, Thursday / 16:45 / In front of SNT Maribor
Walk with Rajzefiber <em>Photo: Mladen Dolar</em>
Photo: Mladen Dolar

There are many urban legends and cliches circulating about Maribor and its people. Some are true, some make for a good story – Maribor-style. The walk called Maribor – A Metropolis touches upon some rather hidden stories about the city that show Maribor the way it really is. A bit harsh and rough around the edges but exactly the way we like it. Many would argue that Maribor has everything the big cities have, perhaps even more in our own, Maribor way. And by the end of the walk, everyone will know.