Borštnik Blog

Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, University of Ljubljana, and Maribor Theatre Festival

Editors Brina Jenček, Luna Pentek, Marko Rengeo, Lucija Trobec,Nik Žnidaršič
Bloggers and vloggers UL AGRFT students and guests
Consultants PhD, Professor Tomaž Toporišič, PhD, Associate Professor Aldo Milohnić 

The Academy Borštnik Blog with a vlog is a place where UL AGRFT students express their opinions without hesitation, challenge the audience and artists alike with their presence and provide an alternative assessment of the theatre and film community. The Blog is a continuation of a project designed by students and successfully implemented on the initiative of the Festival in the last three years. It is created and edited by students of the Departments of Dramaturgy and Performing Arts and Theatre Directing. In addition, the Blog entails collaboration with students from other fields and includes a variety of text types, audio and video formats and photos. The purpose of the project is a live(ly) festival reflection, fresh in thought and independent in attitude, ensuring the inclusion of students in the professional environment.