A devised theatre

My Fellow Creatures

A production of the 2nd semester of Stage Acting and Theatre Directing

Akademija za gledališče, radio, film in televizijo Univerze v Ljubljani


01.06.2022, Wednesday / 20:00 / Chamber Stage /

Première May 2022
Running time 1 hour 10 minutes. No intermission. 

Students of stage acting Alja Krhin, Maja Kunaver, Rok Ličen, Kaja Petrovič, Luka Seražin
Students of theatre directing Marko Rengeo, Lucija Trobec
Student of dramaturgy and performing arts Luna Pentek
Mentors doc. Branko Jordan, izr. prof. Jernej Lorenci
Executive producer Mija Špiler

The original Italian term improvisation means to work, to play without preparation; it is a mechanism whose essence is uncertainty or unpredictability. In the second semester of drama and theatre directing, the whole group of first-year students of stage acting, theatre directing, dramaturgy and performing arts is in a deep whirlwind of constantly new situations, stories, pre-stories, circumstances, as well as emotional states, conflicts, happiness, love, anger, the frustrations we capture from the world around us, in which we live and with which we are in a constant relationship, just as we are in various interpersonal relationships. We can imagine the personal stories of people from the past, but we can only experience their present and future in situ, i.e. immanently and in direct contact, in the complexity of coexistence. One of the basic venues of such coexistence is the theatre, namely, the stage. We try to enjoy this vortex, surrender to it, observe it, observe it, raise awareness, give it wings, influence it, shape it, accept it and also oppose it.

My Fellow Creatures <em>Photo: Lara Frelih</em>
Photo: Lara Frelih