Helena Šukljan

The Woman With Bags

When I Burn (Myself), Part I

A production of the 1st year of master's study programme Dramaturgy and performing arts


06.06.2022, Monday / 17:30 / Chamber Stage

A hybrid monodrama

Running time 40 minutes. No intermission.

Director Helena Šukljan
Dramaturg Manca Lipoglavšek
Set designer Maruša Mali
Lighting designer Domen Lušin
Stage movement designer Lara Ekar Grlj
Video Ana Grzetič

Producer Mija Špiler
Mentor of performances prof. mag. Žanina Mirčevska

Performed by
Lea Klančič

Omnibus When I Burn (Myself) consists of four individual performances of dramatic and theatrical texts by first-year students of the master's degree programme of Dramaturgy and Performing Arts at the UL AGRFT, Manca Lipoglavšek, Nina Kuclar Stiković, Urša Majcen and Helena Šukljan. The text were created within the course Fundamental Skills of Playwritingwith mentor Žanina Mirčevska. Although the dramatic texts differ greatly both in content and style, they all have in common the same point of departure – a reworking of Andersen’s fairy-tale The Little Match Girl, which is evident in the plethora of motifs of spent matches and burnt girls interchangeably used by the authors.

"The Little Match Girl should burn."

The production was created in collaboration between a student of UL AGRFT, a student of journalism, a student of architecture and a student of philosophy at the University of Ljubljana.

The Woman With Bags <em>Photo: Nejc Žorž</em>
Photo: Nejc Žorž