Lina Akif, Nika Korenjak

The Making of A Slovenian Passion Play

A demonstration workshop


31.05.2022, Tuesday / 12:00 / Water Tower

Running time 1 hour 30 minutes. 

Workshop moderator Nika Korenjak 

The young actress and performer Lina Akif tackled her and the nation’s burden of identity on Mount Triglav, the symbol of Slovenehood. She climbed to the highest peak with perseverance, wearing a Kurent’s head strapped to her back. A group of hikers, who accompanied her from the very beginning to the end, witnessed her overcoming, which at least partially became theirs, as well as the search and confrontation. With the question "When does a Slovene really become a Slovene?", Lina set out to "become a Slovenian". But this trip was not just a bare wandering up the hill; it also entailed Slovenian folk songs, conversations and encouragement. The goal of this content-packed march was not only Aljaž Tower and the related initiation that takes place at the top, but a reminder of the social perception of the issue, an attempt to question one’s own attitude towards (non-)acceptance, impressions, opinions and the beliefs of others. Her steps have become the first steps towards liberating herself, to the point where she will no longer take on the role of the victim but will become stronger than racial profiling, discrimination and inappropriate remarks and boldly draw attention to them.
Nika Korenjak works as a playwright and actress. She first studied dramaturgy at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb and then at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television of the University of Ljubljana. She translates from English and Croatian, synchronises cartoons and advises monodrama performances by young actors (Gal Oblak, Lina Akif and Lara Wolf) from both a performative and dramaturgical point of view.

The Making of A Slovenian Passion Play <em>Photo: Domen Ožbot</em>
Photo: Domen Ožbot