Participatory performance practices

Discussion about the project Poetry of the City

Odivo (SK), Maribor Theatre Festival


30.05.2022, Monday / 15:30 / Kazina Hall

Running time 1 hour 30 minutes. 

In English with interpretation into Slovenian. 

Discussion moderators Nika Švab, Mária Danadová, Monika Kováčová

Performative ambient walk the Poetry of the City intertwines various practices and procedures into a pleasant, perfectly paced, varied and informative walk through the city centre. We will be interested in what it means for performance practices, our perception and theatrical literacy to gradually build a community among the audience and move away from the "black box" as well as the theatre. Undoubtedly, we will look at Maribor from the other side, maybe notice something new or gain a fresh perspective, and we will share all this with the participants in the conversation. We will also listen to various recommendations that can enrich the experience of these types of walks, which have undergone a real renaissance during the post-corona period.

Participatory performance practices <em>Photo: Monika Kovačova, Maria Danadova</em>
Photo: Monika Kovačova, Maria Danadova