Poetry of the City

An interactive walk through Maribor

Odivo (SK), Maribor Theatre Festival


30.05.2022, Monday / 14:00 / In front of SNT Maribor
31.05.2022, Tuesday / 14:00 / In front of SNT Maribor
01.06.2022, Wednesday / 14:00 / In front of SNT Maribor

Running time 1 hour.

The walk is in English with interpretation into Slovenian. 

Presenters Mária Danadová, Monika Kováčová

Poetry of the City aims to make invisible locations in Maribor visible and to offer participants an extraordinary excursion. Our stops will not be notable buildings, monuments, places of historical significance or the residences of influential personalities. On the contrary, we will look from the perspective of real references, inscriptions or graffiti on buildings, walls, benches, etc. Interventions created out of a particular internal impulse and left behind by their authors complete the architecture of each city and location. Over time, these references have become a temporary or permanent part of the city for various reasons. However, we subconsciously displace them into "visual quarantine". Our main goal is to collect these commonly unperceived (often even negatively perceived) inscriptions and offer them as material for creative interpretation to contemporary Slovenian artists from various artistic fields. This method is opposite to the infiltration of poetry into public spaces (for example, poetry in trams, in the subway, in shops, etc.). In this case, a concrete and verbalised or visualised intervention in the public environment becomes the starting material for new creation. 

With support from the Slovak Arts Council.

Poetry of the City
Poetry of the City