Matija Solce

The Musical Perspective of Puppet Theatre

A workshop for educators


31.05.2022, Tuesday / 16:00 / Kazina Hall

Running time 1 hour 30 minutes.

Workshop moderator Matija Solce

Solce understands puppet theatre as a "theatre of illusory points", which is the basis for the animation of material, objects, actors, puppets, lights, space, words or sound. Each thing acquires a new perspective and the possibility of animation only when the animator objectifies it. The easiest way to achieve this is to rhythmically express our material. The research of impulses will take place on a symbolic, theoretical and practical level. We will use objects in the latter, as they have the possibility of creating rapid transformations with the help of rhythm, and at the same time, they convey strong symbolic meanings. In the second part of the workshop, we will orchestrate impulses and look for possibilities and potentials for character development based on musical principles.

Matija Solce is the first Slovenian to complete his doctoral studies in puppetry at the Department of Puppetry and Alternative Theatre at the DAMU in Prague. He has toured the world several times with his performances and has received more than thirty awards at domestic and international puppet festivals. He is also a musician-accordionist, director, actor and pedagogue. As an author and director, he has participated in 40 productions. He is also involved in organising and conducting international music workshops. He runs Teatro Matita, organises theatre workshops for children and adults, and collaborates with numerous musicians and other artists worldwide. He is the programme and artistic director of the Floating Castle Festival and the Subcultural Couch Festival.

The Musical Perspective of Puppet Theatre <em>Photo: Robert Vystrcil</em>
Photo: Robert Vystrcil